The Law Offices of Gary Cornick, LLC is proud to introduce our dynamic new approach to estate planning – the Principled Results Estate Planning Program (PREPP®).  We developed PREPP® based on our belief that your estate planning documents are not just routine, standardized forms used to “pass on your money.”  Rather, PREPP® believes that your estate planning documents should reflect your legacy, by memorializing those goals, principles and beliefs by which you live your life. 


No one likes to think about illness or death, but the fact is they are a part of life.  For this reason, no one looks forward to undertaking their estate planning.  The thought of needing a Power of Attorney, Living Will or Last Will and Testament does not conjure up pleasant thoughts. Nonetheless, we prepare estate documents because we know that it’s the right thing to do for ourselves, family and loved ones.  But perhaps we would be more inspired to begin our estate planning if we knew we were not only addressing our financial affairs, but also focusing on continuing our life’s purpose.


PREPP® understands that we all have goals and principles by which we live our lives.  One person’s goals and principles are likely very different than those of another – that’s what individuality is all about.  But, the fact is that we all have a mission by which we live our lives; whether it be dreams that we have for our children and grandchildren, hopes that we have for our community, or a desire to advance a particular social movement or charitable cause.  The commitment we have to the goals that drive us during our lives need not end when we die.  The PREPP® method memorializes those goals that provide each of us with purpose, making our estate documents so much more than just, standardized, boilerplate forms.   Moreover, PREPP® is right for all clients, wealthy or not.


The PREPP® method to estate planning begins with our initial consultation with the client.  During this consultation we address the standard aspects of estate planning, such as estate tax issues, family dynamics and long term care issues – these are issues that must be addressed in all estate planning cases.  PREPP® differs in where the process goes from there.  We then seek to identify what is important to the client and what gives them purpose; this could be as seemingly routine as hoping to have productive, well-adjusted children and grandchildren to perhaps wanting to forward some particular social policy.  After defining the client’s goals, we then utilize the PREPP® approach to provide them with ideas and suggestions as to how their estate planning documents can continue to further their goals.


PREPP® is unique in that it utilizes a specific, systemized approach to create a highly personalized estate plan to ensure that the client’s goals are met.  Specifically, the PREPP® approach of achieving a client’s goals is obtained through the following steps:


  • Detailed consultation to obtain information about the client and their family and identify the client’s goals and principles.
  • Review client’s financial situation, health condition, family dynamics and any religious affiliation/moral doctrines, etc. that are important to the client.
  • Working with client, develop estate plan with an understanding as how the plan accomplishes client goals, including tax and long term care finance issues.
  • Prepare and review PREPP® estate planning documents with client.
  • Periodic review of estate documents to ensure they continue to meet client goals.


Here are just a few examples where the PREPP® approach has benefitted our clients - working with Joe, we identified that he was concerned that one of his adult children had certain habits that were leading this child in a poor direction; these were very specific habits that were concerning to Joe.  After fully discussing and understanding the child’s condition, a detailed Last Will and Testament was prepared for Joe which required that the child abide by certain set standards prior to receiving any inheritance.  Moreover, careful attention was made to the language in Joe’s Will in hopes that the child would accept the reasons for his father’s decision in a positive manner.   Another client of ours, Rebecca, had always shown a great commitment to the well-being of animals.  Using the PREPP® approach, we worked with Rebecca to identify the specific manner in which she wished to benefit animals and then tailored her estate documents to accomplish her goal.  In both cases, at the end of the process the clients were relieved to know that their estate plans would continue those goals that were important to them. 


We believe that PREPP® helps take the reluctance out of estate planning by realizing how your estate documents can continue your legacy.  The time to plan for your tomorrow is TODAY!   Contact the Law Offices of Gary Cornick, LLC at 908.253.0404 to schedule your initial consultation.




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