Estate Administration

Dealing with the death of loved one is difficult.  The emotional loss that one experiences can be great.  Unfortunately, at this time loved ones must also address the issue of estate administration.  Estate administration (often known as probate) is the court process used to determine the validity of a will and oversee the payment of creditors and distribution of estate assets. Even if there is no valid will at the time of death, the estate will still go through the probate procedure. Since probate is regulated by state laws, there are specific procedures proscribed by each state for carrying out the process.


We try our best to make the probate process as easy as possible so that deceased's family can best deal with their loss.  We make sure to explain and help you identify and carry out your estate administration duties.


Under New Jersey law, probating the estate generally includes the following functions:

  • Petitioning the court to probate the will
  • Sending notice to creditors, beneficiaries and any other interested parties
  • Collecting, inventorying and appraising all estate assets
  • Collecting any payments, debts and income due to the estate
  • Paying any debts owed, and filing and paying local, state and federal taxes
  • Distributing any remaining assets to beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of the will


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